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Talk soon! Beth & Daton


    Your Hosts

    We’re Beth Conroy and Daton Haywood, best of friends, co-changemakers, life coaches and business strategists. We’ve been each others biggest supporters as business owners and working together as partners came naturally. We love being better together.

    With a background as life coaches we know how hard it can be to get your practice off the ground and rolling. This struggle is what inspired us to design Client Camp, a much needed resource for you to feel supported and a space for your business to thrive in. Plus we hope you’ll meet a new camp buddy or two during your stay.

    Bottom-line, we co-created Client Camp to help life coaches get more clients. There are simply too many amazingly skilled life coaches who don’t know how to get in front of and land those perfect clients…yet. Our vision is that the summit creates massive impact so we can help the maximum amount of coaches to connect with their dream clients. We believe in sharing what we have learned - in abundance. Our mission is empowering life coaches with the tools, strategies, and resources to win in their businesses right away. This summit is a pathway to seeing that come to fruition.

    Daton is ​​a multi-hyphenate with a vision for supporting other leaders to develop their ideas and win in their businesses. Coach and Solutionist, I bring experiences of supporting ​top Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and community organizations spanning retail, fashion, entertainment, and educational services industries.

    Beth is a Business Strategist supporting coaches, consultants, and course creators to course correct, expand their current offerings and implement digital marketing solutions that get them fully booked. I’m a healer by nature and started my first business venture as a private practice acupuncturist in 2010. Since then I have opened two more businesses, including The Lovelay Agency, and have been in a commitment to help other coaches, consultants, and course creators to not just succeed, but THRIVE!

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